Guru Ravidass international organization for human rights (regd) UK

I understand that the Supreme Council of Ravidassia Community in UK are holding their meeting tomorrow at Birmingham .  Birmingham Sabha previously had divorced the UK Sabha but the recently elected one may not be so allergic to it.  Do our Sabhas take decisions on important issues without due diligence or on personal whims.  It shows that we do not work for our community but for ourselves.


I have been shown a copy of your letter dated 09 April and Bedford Sabha’s letter dated 23 March 2010 addressed to the UK Sabha.  Their contents seem to be almost similar.  Both the Sabhas appear not pleased with UK Sabha’s ‘bad’ behaviour in not following their diction on Equality Bill, forthcoming British Census and other ‘global issues’ (they cannot tackle their own local issues but talk of global).  I would like to ask you to cite any community issue which has ever been tackled or resolved by the UK Sabha.  I am surprised that you cared to mention that UK Sabha have no “inclination to act as ambassadors for the Ravidassia community”.  When did you discover that?  Your representative has been at the helm of affairs there, did he not alert you that UK Sabha is not functioning the way community wanted.  What action did you take against him or did he resign from his post?  No, he did not!


In your letter you asked for “positive outcome”.  Did you hear from UK Sabha?  I don’t think so.  They never realised to be answerable to any one.  I don’t think they will ever change.  I don’t think they are to be blamed.  You are the people who are responsible for their despicable behaviour.


I am not sure if there is any Sabha in the whole of UK which can be said to be functioning in a democratic way and accountable to its members.  They have their own personal agenda/s.  They do not work for the community but community works for them; this is what they perceive.


What have we done in regard to the Equality Bill or 2011 Census?  I do hear a noise about declaring ourselves as Ravidassia.  For a start, are we registered with our local council or hospital as such.  We, at Bedford , are not.  I need to be corrected if we are.  Also, we promote and propagate Sikh religion in our Bhawans/temples/gurdwaras, hence we are not sincere and honest with our community when we say we should identify ourselves as Ravidassia.